Mandatory Fundraiser

Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to sell Troop 66 Spring Flowers!

Flower Brochures will be distributed at the March 8 Troop meeting, but this year's sale is ONLINE.

Each scout must sell a minimum of 14 items or pay a $60 buyout fee. If 14 items are sold the profit will be split at a rate of 40% to scout and 60% to troop. If you are unable to sell 14 items, adjustments to the scout’s profit share and or additional money may have to be paid to Boy Scout Troop 66.

For increased ease and safety, all orders will be placed online at

All orders are due by March 31st – NO EXCEPTIONS.

For questions, email Mrs. Jerome at

There are two pamphlets to select from; baskets or flats. Prices are marked on the brochures. Pay special attention to item 7 Memorial Day Container. This item is not delivered to families, instead it is delivered to National Veterans Cemetery on the behalf of Troop 66.

The brochures are available below so you can have distant friends and family view them to make their selections.

Flowers are tentatively scheduled to be available on May 8th

Optional Fundraisers

  • Popcorn, is an option from Sept-Oct

  • Wreaths are another option for the month of October typically getting delivered just before Thanksgiving.

Fundraising Documents