Finance FAQs

Who is the current Troop 66 Treasurer?

Robert de Haan

How can I contact the Troop 66 Treasurer?

Troop 66 has a permanent email for all financial correspondence:

I sent the treasurer an email but haven’t heard back yet, now what?

Try giving him a nudge via text, Rob’s cell phone # is 847-989-5711.

I spent money for the troop, how do I get reimbursed?

Please use the reimbursement form on Troop 66 website under information then Parent Forms.

What is a Scout Account?

Scout’s can raise money to support their scouting adventure and those funds are managed by the Troop 66 Treasurer.

Does every scout have a scout account?

Yes, even if their balance is zero, a line item is maintained for each scout.

How can the scouts add funds to their scout account?

Money from fundraisers are added to the scout accounts, donations can also be directly made to a scout account.

What fundraisers does Troop 66 have?

We currently offer the following fundraisers:

Flower Sale – Proceeds from this sale benefit both Troop 66 and the scouts.

Popcorn – Scouts keep all the proceeds

Wreath Sale – Scouts keep all the proceeds

Fundraising Page

How do I check the balance of a scout account?

Please send the treasurer an email or text.

How do I use my scout account funds?

Please use the scout account withdrawal form on Troop 66 website under information then Scout Forms.

What can scout account funds be used for?

Approved use of scout funds includes:

  • Monthly Outing Fees

  • Summer Camp Fees

  • Three Fires Council or Ottawa District Activities, Merit Badge University for example

  • BSA Activities such as Jamboree or High Adventure Camps

  • Eagle Scout Project Expenses

  • Eagle Scout Court of Honour

  • Outdoor gear directly used for scouting activities, an example is hiking boots for a scout going to Philmont Scout Ranch

Does Troop 66 support electronic payments?

Yes, Troop 66 has PayPal and Zelle accounts which can be used for both payments and reimbursements. To make an electronic payment to Troop 66 use the email address and please remember to include a note in the payment capturing what the payment is for.

Does Troop 66 support paperless transactions?


How can a reimbursement be done completely paperless?

Fill out the reimbursement form electronically including your signature. Forward the form to the list of adult leaders who are authorized to approve reimbursements for their approval. When approved a payment can be sent via PayPal or Zelle.

Who are the adult leaders authorized to approve reimbursements?

Committee Chair – Cyndi Melone

Scoutmaster – Jeff DeBuhr

Advancement Chair – Andrea Kohl

Secretary – Monique Sparacino

Equipment Coordinator – Rob Beeskow

Do I have to use an electronic signature?

The scout account withdrawal and reimbursement forms support using an electronic signature but this is not necessary. The forms can also be printed and hand signed.

Things are a little bit tight this month, can the Troop help me out?

Yes! Troop 66 maintains a benevolence fund and we firmly believe that financial difficulties should not prevent a scout from participating in our program or events. If you feel your family could use a hand with dues or event fees please reach out to the Troop 66 Committee Chair or Treasurer.

Last updated May 27, 2021