If you experience any issues with this website or the troop 66 app please email us. If you are under 18 you need to copy a parent. Also please keep in mind this email is only checked on Fridays.

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Self Certify FAQs

Why do I need to Self Certify?

To help minimize the risk of any of our members being exposed to COVID-19 we require self-certification screenings to help determine who is allowed to safely attend the meeting. By doing so we also are able to reduce the risk of transmission during our events.

I filled out my self-certification wrong what do I do?

No problem just submit a new self-certification here and inform the check-in person at the door

Why am I required to enter my email when self-certifying?

We require you to enter your email so that you can receive a door pass that helps us to streamline the check-in process. Your email address is kept confidential and is not visible to the check-in person.